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We just wanted to thank you for being included in the circulation of the WS Community Newsletter. (North Street, North Petherton). We’ve received our first copy yesterday and enjoyed the read and mix of subjects. We look forward to the next one and appreciate all the hard work which goes into producing this for the community. If we have anything to offer which is news worthy we will certainly send to you. Have a lovely Easter, thank you again

Rachel M

April 2021

As a ‘ Newbie ‘ to North Petherton – I thought I’d place on record my thoughts: What a fantastic Newsletter, really well done, informative & useful. Well done to all concerned

Andrew M

July 2021

I’ve just received the Community Newsletter no.6, and would like to congratulate everyone involved in its production. I found it very interesting, especially the article about the use (or abuse!) of S106 money, and I’ve very much enjoyed articles in earlier editions. It’s also nice to see the increased use of colour in the magazine. Let’s hope it can develop even further…. Thanks again and keep up the good work,

Peter F

January 2021

I really enjoy reading The Community Newsletter like a friend popping in for a coffee with so much news . First two pages very informative , love all the adverts , getting to know what is available locally .

Derek & Shirley L

January 2021

I have been meaning to send you an email for a while. I just wanted to say how wonderful I think it is to receive this new newsletter. I live in Stockmoor. I have really enjoyed reading September and October’s copy, it’s a really interesting and useful read with the various articles and ads as well as info on what’s happening in the local area. It’s nice to feel part of a community especially during this current time. I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, I just wanted to share my thoughts and let you know that it’s appreciated and that I look forward to reading each month.

Sian K

October 2020

I’ve just enjoyed reading my copy of Wilstock and Stockmoor news. Will keep hold of it in case of need and it won’t be going straight in recycling! Thank you to the distributors/ contributors etc.

Donna W

September 2020

Thought the newsletter was really good. Lovely to see a recipe page on there as well.


September 2020