14th of the month: deadline for content and payments

16th of the month the publication is sent to the printers

21st of the month the publication is with the lead distributors

Last 7 days of the month the newsletter is distributed

Newsletter details

Frequency: Published monthly

Page size: A5

Paper: Glossy 64×90 130 gsm

Colour: 4 colour (CMYK)

Method: Lithographic

Distribution Coverage

Residential properties across in:

  • Wilstock (All)
  • Stockmoor (All)
  • North Newton (99%)
  • North Petherton (99%)
  • Rhode (Part)
  • Shearston (Part)

For a detailed breakdown, please visit the ‘Distribution’ page.

Enviornmental Impact

We are keen to minimise the environmental impact of the newsletter.

For more information, please visit the ‘Environment’ Page