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– All card payments are processed securely using Stripe.
– To see your previous and current invoices for card payments please visit our payment portal (Link in menu).
– Once your order is placed you should get an email to confirm payment has been processed by stripe.
– Usually within 24 hours of the order being placed you will be contacted by the editor to confirm the order.

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Terms & Conditions for advertising orders

1 – Editing Policy
1.1 – Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd retains the right to have final edit on the advert submitted by you (the advertiser) to ensure suitability for printing.

2 – Subscription Policy
2.1- Advertising is an ongoing subscription until cancelled by you (the advertiser) or us (Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd).

3 – Proofing Policy
3.1 – By submitting the order you are confirming that you (the advertiser) have proofed/checked the advert’s colour, resolution, size, spelling & layout and give consent to use it in Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd’s community newsletter.

4 – Cancellation Policy

4.1 – You (the advertiser) can cancel an advertising order by calling the number below and speaking to Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd. Please note that an order can only be cancelled if it hasn’t gone to print.
4.2 – The order may be cancelled by us (Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd) at any time.

5 – Refund Policy
5.1 – If the order is cancelled by you (the advertiser) then a credit refund will be applied to your account for use against future orders. This credit must be used on advertising within 12 months of the date of cancellation otherwise it will expire.
5.2 – If we (Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd) cancel the advertising order you (the advertiser) have placed or we are unable to go to print you will be offered a cash refund for that month’s advertising.

6 – Right to refuse
6.1 – No order is accepted by Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd until confirmation is sent by the editor to the advertiser.
6.2 – We (Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd) reserve the right to refuse advertising orders at our discretion.

7 – Late Payment
7.1 – At the editor’s discretion, adverts may be removed from the publication if the payment has not been received by the time it goes to print.
7.2 – Unless otherwise agreed in writing before placing the order, the standard terms for invoicing will be for payment to be received by the 14th of the month before print. (e.g. 14th August for September edition).
7.3 – Should an invoice not be paid 30 days from the invoice date, the law allows a late payment fee to be levied. Please see the UK GOV website for more information.
7.4 – If payment is not received on or before the due date, any discount given will become void and the full amount should be paid. Should the full amount not be paid the advertising term may be adjusted and/or a late payment fee (7.3) may be levied.