Bridge Restoration & Repair:

After a number of comments about the poor state of the bridges on the footpath between Wilstock and North Petherton, the mayor of North Petherton, Alan Bradford and Councillor Richard Ives have inspected the route and agree that both bridges are in need of some repair and replacement.

The intention is to reset the timbers that are there and make the two bridges wider with an additional timber on each bridge in order to make the route easier for children and older walkers. When this repair work takes place a couple of extra volunteers who would be happy to give up a few hours to help dig out and lift the new timbers in place are needed.  It will be a fairly muddy job but I am sure a couple of fairly fit ladies or gentlemen will step up to the mark as they always do in our villages. If you would like to help please email Richard Ives on or send a PM via Facebook.

The farmer has cut back the hedges and has ploughed right to the edge of the field so if you are going to walk this route you will need wellingtons. The actual route of the footpath is across the middle of this field from corner to corner and realistically this may now be the best route to use. I will be speaking to the footpath person at Somerset county council to follow this up as this is now a well used footpath.

My advice is to continue to use this route. If there is an update on this after this has gone to press I will put out any further information on Facebook. If a new path diagonally starts to appear then please follow this route, as we are leaving the EU we are going to need everything we grow.Have a great November.

Written by Richard Ives.

April 2024