My wife and I own a successful business, Ultra Shine cleaning services. We are a family run business that live in Stockmoor. Having a family ourselves we understand the struggles at times to afford things and our aim is to provide a service that is affordable but at the same time the highest of standards. I specialise in window cleaning and a big range of external property cleaning including fascia and gutter cleaning. My wife Charlene is trained and qualified in professional carpet cleaning and offers the highest standards of carpet cleaning to residential homes and commercial businesses. We both are great believers of providing the highest quality of customer services and always put our customers needs in front of anything else.

During the covid-19 pandemic our business was very split with how it was affected, my side of the business was able to carry on due to my job not requiring any contact with customers. At the start of the March lockdown I was worried how badly my work would be affected, but with so much support from all my regular customers I was able to work without any difference to my work, and in fact picked up more new work then I ever have in the past.

Unfortunately during the first lockdown Charlene wasn’t able to carry on working due to her job needing to be carried out inside customers’ properties, fortunately all her customers were fully supportive of this. Since the easing of the lockdown she was able to get back into work and seemed to be busier then ever. She has since taken maternity leave due to the birth of our baby daughter.

Luke: I started window cleaning the minute I left school as my dad owns a very successful window cleaning business in Exeter. I grew up in Exeter and made the move to Bridgwater when I met Charlene 7 years ago. I decided that I loved the job so much I would start my own business up myself. We moved to Stockmoor and I love the estate, I love the community spirit of everyone on the estate and have no plans of ever moving from Stockmoor. Around 70% of my regular customers are on the two estates and to date I have around 160 customers spread across Wilstock and Stockmoor. I love that I have met and know so many people on the two estates and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t stop and have a chat with customers I see out and about on Stockmoor.

Charlene: My passion for my job I reflect in my work. I enjoy the challenge and giving my customers good results. I believe my pride in my work is what every customer deserves. As a resident on Stockmoor I really enjoy being part of the community and being able to meet so many other residents through my job. The support I have had throughout the community has been amazing and really helped my business thrive. As most know I have just had a baby last week, the community were so supportive whilst I worked through my pregnancy and I was able to still offer full services throughout and this was only able due to the understanding and support of my customers. As a mum and being self employed I always try to work around other families and the needs of others in our community. I pride myself in reasonable prices but providing an excellent service and working with the customer to achieve the results they are looking for.

April 2024