This year there will be an award for each of the areas of the parish of North Petherton, so Wilstock and Stockmoor will both have a winner as will North Petherton, North Newton and Moorland. The perpetual cups for each individual area have been donated by all the North Petherton Councillors. One of these five winners will be chosen as the overall best Christmas lights in the parish. Judging will take place between the 4th and the 14th of December.  The judges look for overall appearance, style, humour, and just that cosy Christmas feeling. If the decorations make the house look Christmassy it is just as likely to win as a massive spend on decorations! As this year has been a difficult one we hope many will have a go this year and brighten up our villages— almost certainly the overall winner will get a photo in the Mercury, and the Cup (unless Covid-19 intervenes) will be presented by our mayor, Alan Bradford.