from Sedgemoor District Council

Sedgemoor District Council’s Parks and Open Spaces leader recently met with the new Adoptions manager from Persimmon Homes. This is the report of that meeting sent to local Councillors and the Town Clerk:

  • Two missing footbridges were discussed and a further site meeting has been set up to discuss these in more detail next week. The aim is to have them installed by the end of November, subject to a few outstanding matters being resolved. Locations attached.
  • Surplus concrete pipes on site to be removed
  • Surplus piles of stone to be utilised on rough pathways
  • Entrance fencing to the CP on Campion Way (Wilstock end) which is currently leaning to be replaced and pedestrian access gate to be re-hung opening inwards, with spring return and latch
  • Stiles appeared to be in place
  • The informal rough pathway from the Stockmoor MUGA to the mixed retail centre to be formalised with stone in keeping with surrounding paths
  • The vehicle bridge which was already on site prior to laying out the CP requires some maintenance
  • Extensive flailing to take place – to commence 21st September
  • Extensive ditch maintenance to take place
  • All the trees that are damaged, missing or failed from the planting specification will all be installed during autumn this year
  • In terms of facilities within and around the CP such as benches and information panels, none are proposed on the approved plan therefore these will need to be added once adopted
  • All other pathways other than those mentioned above are complete as per approved drawing
April 2024