Thank You

Thank you for being a volunteer. Your time and energy is very much appreciated now and always. You are part of a group of like-minded community volunteers. Everyone at Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd is a volunteer and we are registered at Companies House in England & Wales as a “Limited By Guarantee” (Not-for-profit) organisation.

Contact details for Editor

Edmund Ryan is the director of Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd and also serves as the Editor, Finance Officer, Health & Safety Officer, & Data Protection Officer. Edmund can be contacted: by email (, by phone (07940-103112), or by post (8 Pyrus Walk, North Petherton, TA5 2RS).

Edmund is registered as ‘limited by guarantee’ to a maximum of £1 in liability. Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd is insured by Accelerate Underwriting. In lieu of having a physical place of business, the certificate is displayed below.  

Employers’ Liability Insurance Certificate

Insurance covering all official staff/volunteers of
Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd.

Health & Safety

  • Always report incidents/accidents to the editor within 24 hours of occurrence so that they can be recorded in the accident book.
  • Always ensure that someone knows your intended delivery route and your expected start & finish time.
  • Always ensure you have a charged mobile phone with you in case of an emergency and need to raise the alarm.
  • Always trust your instincts. If a situation feels wrong, if there is a particular person, property or area that makes you feel uneasy, stop what you are doing, get to safety and raise the alarm.
  • Never enter the building whilst distributing newsletters.
  • Always complete your route whilst there is daylight and ideally with another person.
  • No one under the age of 18 is an official or unofficial volunteer for Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd. If you have anyone assisting you which is not a named/registered volunteer they do not represent Wilstock & Stockmoor News Ltd in any way and as such no responsibility or liability for their Health & Safety can be accepted.
  • Always wear high visibility clothing whilst distributing the newsletters. Hi-vis clothing is available free upon request.
  • Heavy Lifting: Always limit the number of newsletters you carry at any one time to a number you feel comfortable carrying (but never more than 5Kg). Please note that messenger bags and shopping trolleys are available upon request.
  • If you require any addition item to aide you with distribution, please contact the editor. (All reasonable requests will be considered)
  • Ensure you have watched and understood the ‘Manual Handling’ advice from HSE