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6th January 2021 – Council Meeting

There will be a Council meeting on Monday 11th January 2021 at 7:15 pm via Zoom. The agenda can be found in the documents section of the Council’s website reference 2021-01-11 Council agenda1.pdf

1st January 2021 – Town Mayor’s New Year Message 2021

Perhaps now, more than any other year, we should be looking forward and not dwelling overlong on the year just gone. 2020 was not what any of us expected or hoped for, but there are a few positives that we can take from it, before we move on to a better 2021. Living and working in the area represented by North Petherton Town Council, I was struck many times by how local people worked together to help each other through the difficult times we all faced. I believe that the Town Council played its part to maintain local services and to step in when Sedgemoor and Somerset County councils were having to cut back, so that life in lockdown was not as bad as it might have been, and I would like to thank my fellow councillors for all that they have done to make this possible. But before leaving the old year behind, I must also express my gratitude to our health workers and other front line staff, who have worked tirelessly on our behalf and who, unfortunately, must continue to do so for some while to come.

Let us hope that the New Year will be better, not just than last year, but than many previous years, as we build on the community spirit that has now come to the fore. I will certainly do my best to ensure that the Town Council plays its part to the full. I look forward to meeting people on the streets and in the countryside again and helping them to deal with their problems and issues. I also hope to meet as a Council again face to face and not on a computer screen. I call upon our county and district councils and other public agencies, when we can be together again, to work together so that our community and local businesses really can bounce back.

Let us all hope and work for a truly Happy New Year.

Cllr Alan Bradford


28th December 2020 – Christmas Light Winners

North Petherton Town Councillors presented trophies to the winners of the best Christmas lights competition on Saturday evening (19th December). Five trophies were awarded for each of the villages in the Council’s area, together with the Mayor’s cup for the overall winner.

The Mayor Cllr Alan Bradford said; “2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, so it is particularly pleasing that so many people have put so much effort into cheering everyone up at this special time of year. The lights this year have been the best ever and they are a timely reminder that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.”

Stockmoor winners: Katie and Lee Serle of 4 Sika Walk

Wilstock winners: Mike and Katherine Jackson of 37 Barberry Drive.

Judges, Cllrs Les Pickersgill, Lucinda Spelman Ives and Richard Ives commented: “This year’s Christmas lights competition was a first, with separate competitions for all the different areas of the parish. The overall standard of the decorated houses has improved dramatically this year making the team of local councillors’, acting as judges, decision a lot more difficult. Both Stockmoor and Wilstock are a delight to visit with more than 200 houses to choose from! Both families provided outstanding displays and are worthy winners of the competition The judges are very impressed with the overall standards this year and would like to congratulate everyone who has made an effort, despite these difficult times, and made the area a magical place for children to enjoy”

North Newton winners: Christina and Dan Toft of 2 Stones Farm and Chris Barrington of 3 Stones Farm.

Judges Cllrs James Barham and Bryan Sellick said: “Thank you to all the residents who put in a tremendous effort to make North Newton sparkle at the end of what has been such a difficult and testing year. The judging was carried out over several evenings due to more and more lights appearing everyday! With so much variety of decorations, it made it a really hard decision for the judges. After a close run competition, it came down to the overall visual effect in the centre if the village and the particular attention to detail. So congratulations to our winners”

Moorland and Fordgate winners: Lyndsay and Kathryn Addison of Chapel Road, Fordgate.

Cllr Julian Taylor said: “The judges had any extremely difficult task. There are a very significant number of exceptionally well decorated and uniquely decorated house in the ward. It was a very difficult decision.

All the houses in Chapel Road were decorated to a high standard. The residents gathered together, masked up and safely distanced, to see the presentation and receive the congratulations of the Mayor and Mayoress. Mince pies, Cake and festive drinks were served. Carols were sung.

The judges felt that all of Chapel Road deserved recognition for the magnificent efforts that they put in the house decorations.

Events like this are need to keep up spirits at this time of the awful covid virus.

North Petherton winners: Debbie and John Mercer of 9 Mill Street.

Cllr Bill Revans commented:” There were some spectacular illuminated displays in North Petherton and a massive thank you for all who brought joy to the village.

Mr & Mrs Mercer created an atmospheric, intricate and imaginative window display which highly impressed the judges and we were delighted to award them the inaugural trophy.“

15th December 2020 – Memorial Park Opening Postponed

Plans to open the newly refurbished Memorial Park in North Petherton have been put on hold due to the worsening coronavirus crisis. It had been hoped to open the facilities this Saturday (19th), but Members of the Playing Fields Trust felt that this would present too great a health risk at the present time. The position will be kept under review

9th December 2020 – Council Meeting

There will be a Council meeting on Monday 14 December 2020 at 7:15 pm via Zoom. Planning applications will also be considered at this meeting. The agendas can be found in the documents section of the Council’s website reference 2020-12-14 Council agenda and 2020-12-14 Planning agenda.

29th November 2020 – North Petherton Library

Following the ending of the national lockdown, the library will reopen on Wednesday 2nd December 2020. This will also be the case for all of the facilities at Parkersfield Playing Fields and the public toilets in North Petherton. The Memorial Park will remain closed until the current improvements are complete.

18th November 2020 – Census 2021 will provide a snapshot of modern society

Households across North Petherton, North Newton, Wilstock & Stockmoor will soon be asked to take part in Census 2021.

The census is a once-in-a-decade survey that gives us the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. It has been carried out every decade since 1801, with the exception of 1941.

It will be the first run predominantly online, with households receiving a letter with a unique access code, allowing them to complete the questionnaire on their computers, phones or tablets.

“A successful census will ensure everyone from local government to charities can put services and funding in the places where they are most needed,” Iain Bell, deputy national statistician at the Office for National Statistics, said.

“This could mean things like doctors’ surgeries, schools and new transport routes. That’s why it is so important everyone takes part and we have made it easier for people to do so online on any device, with help and paper questionnaires for those that need them.”

Census day will be on March 21, but households across the country will receive letters with online codes allowing them to take part from early March.

The census will include questions about your sex, age, work, health, education, household size and ethnicity. And, for the first time, there will be a question asking people whether they have served in the armed forces, as well as voluntary questions for those aged 16 and over on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Results will be available within 12 months, although personal records will be locked away for 100 years, kept safe for future generations.

For more information, visit

13th November 2020 – 75th Anniversary

When North Petherton Town Council had to cancel its Civic Service and lunch earlier this year because of Covid restrictions, the Mayor, Cllr. Alan Bradford, suggested that the allowance for this event be used instead to provide a bench and tree to each of North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland/Fordgate, and Wilstock/Stockmoor, to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The benches and trees are now in place with North Petherton’s on the Memorial Ground, North Newton’s as you enter the village on Petherton Road, Moorland/Fordgate’s in St Peter and St John’s Churchyard, Moorland, and Wilstock/Stockmoor’s overlooking the lakes, half way between the two villages.

Cllr Bradford said “on Remembrance day a short dedication service was held at each venue, led by our Rector, Revd. Jane Haslam. Unfortunately Covid restrictions meant only 6 people could be present at each gathering but I hope that the residents of our Town and villages will enjoy these memorials dedicated to all those in our local communities who gave their lives in World War II”.

He added “special thanks to Nigel Salter and Sons of Durston who made the benches, to Roy Duddridge who installed them, to Blake Signs for producing the bench plaques and to AB Memorials for the stone tablets for the trees. And of course to all NPTC Coucillors for their support of this project. Additional thanks to members of the North Petherton Trefoil Knit and Natter Group for again producing a wonderful display of poppies at the Memorial Ground, NP.”

12th November – Update on issues in Wilstock and Stockmoor by SDC

Country Park (37/16/00040)

1. Planning permission was granted 04.02.2020 for detailed consent for the Country Park. This included a cycle way running north, south and east, west through the park. The development also included a number of bridges to cross the existing watercourses/drainage ditches. The MUGA (originally proposed and commenced to the rear of properties on Rosa Way) was relocated from this site onto Wilstock 3B due to concerns from local residents in terms of location.

2. Areas of the Country Park were fenced off for grazing in accordance with the agreed management and maintenance plan and the agent confirmed the styles to ensure accessibility through these areas were in place (20.04.2020) and that the Park was due to be completed this year. In September Scott Mason (Parks and Gardens) attended site with Persimmon’s Adoption Manager to confirm any outstanding matters which are summarised as below. Following this meeting and update has been sought and is set out in bold against the previously outstanding points:

• Two missing footbridges – The applicant is waiting for designs from the fabricator to submit a Non Material Amendment. This issue is being chased as a priority.

• Surplus concrete pipes on site to be removed – Agreed to be removed as part of the meeting and work due to be undertaken next week.

• Surplus piles of stone to be utilised on rough pathways – Agreed on the site visit and work to be undertaken next week

• Entrance fencing to the CP on Campion Way (Wilstock end) which is currently leaning to be replaced and pedestrian access gate to be re-hung opening inwards, with spring return and latch – Agreed on the site visit and work to be undertaken next week

• Stiles appeared to be in place

• The informal rough pathway from the Stockmoor MUGA to the mixed retail centre to be formalised with stone in keeping with surrounding paths – To be undertaken when the bridge is going in as contractors will be on site for that purpose

Sedgemoor District Council

Bridgwater House, King Square

Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3AR

General enquiries: 0300 303 7800

12 November 2020

Ref. No.

• The vehicle bridge which was already on site prior to laying out the CP requires some maintenance – Missing hand rail to be put in next week

• Extensive flailing to take place – Completed

• Extensive ditch maintenance to take place – Completed

• All the trees that are damaged, missing or failed from the planting specification will all be installed during autumn this year – Final tree count to be agreed and replaced as agreed mid-end November

• In terms of facilities within and around the CP such as benches and information panels, none are proposed on the approved plan therefore these will need to be added once adopted – To be agreed once adopted

• All other pathways other than those mentioned above are complete as per approved drawing – Complete

3. Once the designs for the bridges are received the LPA is expecting to receive a Non Material Amendment to reduce the width of the bridges.

Wilstock 3B, Muga and Community Hub (37/19/00053, 37/17/00085, 37/20/00007)

4. Consent was originally granted for Wilstock 3B (248 dwellings, community hub and outline permission for a school) in July 2018 (37/17/00085). Given some changes to property types a section 73 (variation of approved plans – 37/19/00053) was submitted and approved in December 2019. A separate detailed consent was submitted and approved for the community building March 2020.

5. The community building is located next to the proposed MUGA which was re located from the County Park. The developer is unable to provide the play equipment for health and safety reasons until the adjoining development (community building) is nearing completion.

6. Wilstock Hub confirmed that the land was transferred 1st May 2020 and has been fund raising to enable delivery of this community facility. An update has been requested from Wilstock Hub who have confirmed they have been awarded 300k for the build from SCF and are halfway there with funding although many large funders are dealing with Covid recovery at the moment and not doing further funding bids until next year. Currently the intention is to open late next year although this still rests on further funding opportunities.

7. The cost of the whole building project is 1.2m and Wilstock Hub are starting RIBA Stage 4 to get to a position to go out to tender. Funding has been received to date from SCF (300k) and North Petherton Town Council (210k) leaving 700k to gain funding for. There are ongoing discussions with the National lottery and others but funding has changed significantly due to match funding of government funding in respect of COVID from their own reserves.

8. The developer has transferred the land for school to County (July 2020).

Dawes Farm (37/17/00017, 37/19/00065, 37/19/00108)

9. Permission was granted for 111 dwellings with accesses, drainage, landscaping and play equipment in May 2019. The original application (37/17/00017) was subject to two Non Material Amendment (NMA) applications which were consented in July 2019 and January 2020 for changes in design to two house types and clarification of the land levels and finished floor levels opposite Muscovy Drive.

10. The original application was re-advertised during the application and included the provision of a Local Area of Play (LAP) and a Local Equipped Area of Play (LEAP). The first non material amendment was not controversial but the second was objected to by residents due to the elevated land level of the site. With the exception of 1 dwelling (which was reduced in height through the NMA) the finished floor levels remained as consented but the NMA application sought to confirm how the slope of the land from Muscovy Drive to the nearest properties would be dealt with. The LAP remained although the developer agreed additional landscaping and a change in equipment in response to residents concerns.

11. Development is well underway although there is still a lot of concern being raised by residents looking to relocate the LAP.

Flags and signage (37/20/00013, 37/20/00068)

12. Concerns had been raised through Enforcement regarding the signage within the area promoting the building sites (Persimmon and Bloor). Persimmon submitted an application (37/20/00013) following advice to reduce the number of flags which was approved consenting 6 flags in connection with Dawes Farm. Permission was granted in April 2020 giving 4 months for the removal of the excess flags. This has now been undertaken.

13. Bloor submitted an application (37/20/00068) for 22 flags, 5 billboards and 3 signs. This has been negotiated down to 5 flags, 4 billboards and 3 signs and is due to be approved in the next couple of weeks.

14. County Update


15. Persimmons new adoption manager is looking into the lighting issue keeping County involved.

16. Some of the remedial measures identified previously have been carried out, SCC have highlighted the need to address lighting issues, which have been outstanding for some time. They have been asked to investigate and provide information as requested previously – County colleagues will chase this matter up if communication is delayed from the new adoptions manager in the near future.


17. In general phase 1 and 2 – have slowed down due to lockdown, the Estate Road Team at County are monitoring that situation.

18. Following a meeting with Bloor in February the intention was to get legal agreements signed and inspections carried out on phase 1, 2 and 3a. This came to a halt during lockdown with our contacts at Bloor being off for a while. County have been chasing the outstanding elements and Bloor are keen to move forward on completion of the legal agreements. In terms of phase 3b, some progress has been made in Countys technical discussion but have not quite reached the stage where the drawings are approved, so this is ongoing.

19. In terms of adoption of the highway County is faced with a similar issue for Wilstock as Stockmoor, in that until Wilstock Way is completed they are not be able to adopt the housing parcels in isolation. Heavy construction works are still ongoing and as such the final surfacing has not been carried out as it can suffer considerable damage requiring further replacement ahead of adoption.

20. There is a bond in place for completion of the distributor road and hopefully going forward there will be signed agreements and bonds in place for the residential areas to give the resident some comfort and protection.

Bus Gate

21. In terms of the completion of the’ bus gate’ when SCC met Bloor in February, Bloor were looking for some confirmation, having already provided several designs, that if they were to redesign and construct a ‘gate’ for access by emergency vehicles and cycle/ped facilities, this would discharge their obligations under the 106 agreement, which is not considered unreasonable.

22. Following internal discussion County are currently considering whether there is a need to vary the 106 agreement and this matter will need to be raised with SDC. In principle the Highway Authority is satisfied that if Bloor design and construct this ‘gate’ then this will potentially deal with the outstanding obligation to provide a Northern Transport Access to Rhode Lane. Without an active bus service County were having to look for a permanent solution to prevent unauthorised access in any case, so in essence, this is just a different alternative to that. SCC have written to Bloor confirming this and asking if as a matter of urgency they could provide us a detailed design which is currently awaited.

Dawn de Vries MSc MRTPI

Principal Planning Officer (West)

5th November 2020 – North Petherton Library

The Library in North Petherton will be closed from 5th November 2020 to comply with the Government’s lockdown procedures.

The position will be kept under review as the situation changes and any new guidance is issued

29th October – Free School Meals

At last Monday’s Planning meeting, the Mayor, Cllr Bradford, raised the issue of providing free school meals for children at holiday times. Town Councillors felt that the best approach, at the present time, would be to make a donation to the Bridgwater Foodbank, but that this should come from them as individuals and not from the Council’s funds. It was agreed that donations would be collected by the Town Clerk, who would then pass them on to the Foodbank.

18th October 2020 – A Brighter Christmas

North Petherton Town Councillors have agreed to step up their efforts to make this Christmas even brighter than it was last year. At last week’s Council Meeting, the Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, said that it was more important than ever during these difficult times make the most of the festive season, whilst continuing to stay safe. He therefore proposed that the popular Christmas decorations competition should be expanded to recognise the efforts made by local people to light up their homes and to encourage more to join in.

“I have been very impressed by the wonderful displays that people have created in the past, but we have only been able to officially recognise one winner. I propose that this year we should have a competition for each of our areas and then I will award a cup for the overall winner”, he said at the meeting.

Members wholeheartedly supported his proposal, with local councillors agreeing to donate separate trophies for North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland and Wilstock/Stockmoor.

27th September 2020 – Turf Cutting Ceremony

The official turf cutting ceremony for the exciting Memorial Park Improvement Project took place recently in North Petherton. Pictured below from left to right are: Gary Hobbs, headteacher North Petherton Primary School, Dan McAlwane, project manager HAGS, Peter Clayton, Chairman Sedgemoor District Council, Alan Bradford Mayor of North Petherton and Linda Hyde Chairman of the North Petherton Playing Fields Trust, which is responsible for the project.

The scheme will deliver the latest range of play equipment together with new sports, fitness and arts facilities and landscaped areas, specified by the Trust following public consultation and designed and provided by international specialist supplier HAGS. Total investment will be around £250,000, the majority of which has been funded by grants. Major contributions have been received from the Hinkley Point Community Fund and Viridor Credits, whilst significant amounts have also been donated by Sedgemoor DC, North Petherton Town Council and housing developers Persimmon and Larkfleet.

Town Mayor Cllr Alan Bradford, who cut the turf, said: “It is vital that community facilities keep pace with the rapid development that is taking place in our area. I am very pleased that the Trust has been able to access these funds and improve this important local asset, and I thank Linda Hyde and her team for all their hard work in progressing the scheme to this point. I just hope that other local bodies are equally effective in delivering much needed community infrastructure in the areas for which they are responsible”.

Gareth Williams, operations manager at Viridor Credits said: “NPPFCT is to be commended for the huge fundraising effort, which will bring joy to the ever-increasing community of North Petherton. Here at Viridor Credits, we cannot wait to see the finished park.”

Linda Hyde, chair of the Trust, added: “We have waited a long time to create the play space that our community deserves. “This project will finally provide an attractive, easily accessed, landscaped space that whole families can enjoy together, without the need to travel elsewhere.

“If anyone wants to join our volunteers working on any aspect of this project, I would be delighted to hear from you.”

18/09/20 – Town Council backs 2 Council option

North Petherton Town Council unanimously agreed, this week, to back the district council led plans for two new unitary authorities for Somerset. The “Stronger Somerset” proposals have been put forward in response to the bid by the County Council to replace the present two tier system of local government in the county with a single unitary council.

Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford said: “Whilst we wonder about the wisdom of pursuing local government reform at this time of crisis, we believe that having just one principal authority covering the whole of Somerset would not really be local government at all. As Members of a truly local council, we understand the vital importance of being close to the community. The more centralised and remote you become, the less you are able to respond effectively to people’s needs.”

28th August 2020 – Library reopens

North Petherton library will reopen to the public on 1st September as part of the Town Council’s plans to carefully move back to normality following the covid lockdown. The need to maintain social distancing will mean that access will be restricted and opening times will be delayed by half an hour, with the library also closing half an hour earlier. The lunchtime opening provided by volunteers from the Friends of the Library will also have to be kept on hold until the risk from the virus reduces further. More details can be found on the Somerset Libraries website.

In line with this initiative, the public toilets in the town, which are provided by the Council in conjunction with the Community Centre Committee, will also reopen on 1st September.

24th August 2020 – New entrance for Memorial park

North Petherton Playing Fields Trust is installing new gates at its Memorial Park in North Petherton. Financed by a government funded grant from Sedgemoor Council, new gates and a redesigned entrance area will improve the safety of the access and help to prevent unauthorized use of the park.

Chairman of the Trust, Cllr Linda Hyde said: “With the major enhancements to the park that we are about to undertake, it was important that that we improved the safety arrangements at the main entrance and also made it is as difficult as possible for unauthorized vehicles to access the field.”

Cllr James Barham who has been managing the project, said: “Work on the new gates will take place at the beginning of September when the school holidays have ended. Our aim has been to improve both safety and security whilst ensuring that the entrance fits in with the surrounding area.”

Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford said: “I am especially pleased that we have been able to move quickly on this. Thanks to help from the Williams family of North Newton, we were able to put a temporary barrier in place after a group of travellers occupied the field in the summer. Now we have been able to move rapidly to install a permanent solution. We had a covid compliant meeting on site with our contractor to agree exactly what was needed and that has meant that we have been able to get this done.”

17th August 2020 – Council marks 75th Anniversary

North Petherton Town Council has agreed to plant a tree and provide a bench in each of the villages in its area to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Allies’ victory in the Second World War.

Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, who proposed the initiative, was determined that this important event should not go unmarked. “Our plans to celebrate VE day in May were thwarted by the virus crisis and the continuing threat of covid has meant that we could not do anything for VJ day either. However we must not let this historical landmark go unnoticed. There won’t be a Civic Service this year, again because of the pandemic, so we have agreed for part of that budget to be used to provide lasting reminders of the sacrifices and achievements of that remarkable generation”

The location of the memorial benches and the types of trees have been decided in consultation with local people in North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Wilstock and Stockmoor.

20th July 2020 – Parkersfield BM Pump Track

The BMX Pump track will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, for essential maintenance of the surface. Apologies for the short notice, but I’m sure we all want to keep it in tip-top condition.”

9th July 2020 – Affordable homes

Sedgemoor District Council Executive have agreed to buy six brand new carbon-neutral affordable homes on a mixed ownership scheme in Tuckerton Lane, North Newton.

Council officers worked with North Newton Housing Steering Group to establish the principles of a scheme to meet the specific housing needs of local people from North Newton, as well as being affordable homes.

3rd July 2020 – North Petherton Playgrounds reopen

In line with the revised Government guidelines, the playgrounds at the Memorial and Parkersfield playing fields in North Petherton are reopening on 4th July. Obviously the virus continues to present a serious risk and people are advised to exercise care when using the equipment and to follow the guidance provided at the sites.

13th June 2020 – Memorial Playing Fields – Travellers leave peacefully

North Petherton Town Council – Statement

The group of travellers, which had moved onto the Memorial Fields in North Petherton on Wednesday evening, have now left.

Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, said: “North Petherton is, and always has been, a kind, tolerant and law abiding community, and it is these qualities which have been employed by people working quietly and conscientiously behind the scenes, that have underpinned the successful, peaceful and safe resolution of this incident. On behalf of our community I would like to particularly thank our Chairman of the Playing Fields Trust, Cllr Linda Hyde, and the local police who have worked tirelessly over the last couple of days to deal with this matter.”

“Things could have been different. We must not forget that we are in the middle of a fight against a deadly virus, a fight that, as recent statistics for the South West have shown, is far from won. It was therefore vital that this issue was resolved without risking the health and safety of our community”.

Although the travellers, as they agreed, left their rubbish in bags by the gates, immediate steps are now being taken to ensure that the fields are fully cleaned and open to the public as soon as possible.

28/04/2020 – Heathfield Cemetery

Taking account of Government guidance to limit the spread of Coronavirus and to protect the public and our team operating this critical service, the following measures will apply from 31st March 2020. Heathfield Cemetery, in Old Road North Petherton, will be closed to the public. It will, however, remain available for burials and interments. The attendance of immediate family and close friends at burial services will be restricted to 10 people, plus Funeral Director staff and officiant, and social distancing MUST be applied at all times. We appreciate that this will be distressing for the bereaved so we will keep the restrictions under active review. When the situation improves, the bereaved affected by this restriction, will have the opportunity to hold another service at the graveside should they wish. Funeral Directors have been advised of this action and will be in touch with families to help make necessary arrangements.

01/04/2020 – SDC Business Support

Sedgemoor District Council has put in place today a range of measures to help some of the businesses in the District that are affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It has created a page on its website where these measures are described and which has links to the other help and advice available, regionally and nationally. In line with the Government announcement about Grant Funding for small businesses and those in the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors, the Council has created an online form that should be used to apply for the grants. Eligible businesses are asked to supply some basic information to help officers to process the payments. Any business unable to use the online form will be given assistance and guidance on eligibility is given on the grants page: The Council aims to get payments into the bank accounts of the eligible businesses within ten working days of receiving the required information from the online form. If for some reason this is not possible, the Council will contact the business concerned. As well as administering the grants, Sedgemoor has applied the 100% Extended Retail Rates Discount for 2020/21, meaning that that eligible businesses will have no rates to pay during 2020/21 on the premises concerned. If these businesses were due to have rates payments collected by direct debit from April these will not now be taken. For further information, please visit