According to the 1901 census, the Aplin family were living at ‘Willstock Farm’. Thomas Aplin, 56, is listed as Head of the household. He is identified as a famer and was born in North Curry (~1845). Living with Thomas is his wife, Betsy Aplin, 53, also born in North Curry. There are no children living at home but there are 3 additional people staying with them on the night of the census. Henry J Aplin, 54, Thomas’s brother is identified as the farm bailiff, born in North Curry. Julia M Cousins, 32, who was the Housekeeper, born in Otterford. Lucy Symons, 17, Servant/Domestic Housemaid, born in Tolland.

As we head further back in time, the Aplin Family aren’t living at Willstock Farm in 1891. In 1891 according to the census, this family were living at “3 Eastover” At the home is: Tom Aplin, 36, Head, licensed victualler & Farmer, his wife Betsy Aplin, 34, who is identified as a Farmer of 5 acres employing two labourers. Living with them is their son Frederick Aplin, 10,  born in West Hatch. There is also 2 additional people living with them. Laura Gully, 16, Servant, born in Chedzoy and Julia Cousins, 13, Servant, born in Otterford. Julia is with the family in both the 1891 & 1901 census. Given Julia’s age and as she is with them for such a long time there is probably a story here that would be interesting to look in to.

At Willstock Farm in 1891 is the Marshall Family, all of which are listed as being born in Wembdon. George Marshall, 36, is identified as the head of the household and has his profession listed as farmer. Living with George are his brothers, Gilbert F Marshall, 32, Benjamin J Marshall, 30, Charles Marshall, 29, and William Marshall, 22, who also all have their profession listed as Farmer. With the brothers are their 3 sisters, Mary J Marshall, 35, Elizabeth A Marhall, 33, and Amey Marshall, 19.

At Willstock Farm in 1881 the census again shows the Marshall family in residence.  Mary J Marsall, 52, Widow, Head of household, Farmer of 123 Acres employing 1 labourer. Living with Mary are her children: George Marshall, 27; Elizabeth A Marshall, 23; Gilbert F Marshall, 21; Benjamin J Marshall, 20; Charles Marshall, 18; Alice Marshall, 17; Gilbert Marshall, 15; William L Marshall, 12, and Amy Marshall, 10. All are listed as Farmer’s Son/Daughter apart from Amy who is identified as a scholar. All the family were born in Wembdon.

In 1871 the Marshall family were living at Grabham Farm near Wembdon. Gilbert Marshall, 60, Farmer of 150 acres employing 3 men and 2 boys. Mary I Marshall, 40, Gilbert’s/Farmer’s Wife; George Marshall, 17,  Farmer’s Son; Mary I Marshall, 16, Farmer’s Daughter; Elizabeth D Marshall, 14, Scholar; Francis Marshall, 12, Scholar; Benjamin Marshall, 10, Scholar; Charles Marshall, 8, Scholar; Allice Marshall, 7, Scholar; Gabreal Marshall, 5, Scholar.

It’s not unusual for ages to vary a bit and not be exactly 10 years different from census to census. There are also variations in the names of the residents as it was recorded by someone going house to house. The person would write down what they heard which may differ from the actual name or actual spelling for example Allice in 1871 and Alice in 1881. There is other variation in the names of the children. This may mean there was an error in recording the information, they moved out of the family home or sadly passed away.

In the next edition we’ll be looking at the 1871 census and the Bruford Family living at Willstock Farm.

Written by Wilstock News

April 2024