In this edition we’ll start off by looking at the 1871 census and the Bruford Family living at Willstock Farm. Head of the household is 31 year old Farmer, John Bruford, born 26 Jan 1840 in Cheddon Fitzpaine. Living with John is his wife Amelia Mary Bruford, 29, born 1842 in West Monkton and their 5 children. Samuel J Bruford, 10 years old, Son, born 1861 in Cheddon Fitzpaine; Francis J Bruford, 8, Son, born 1863 in North Petherton; Emily L Bruford, 6, Daughter, born 1865 in North Petherton; Amelia J Bruford, 5, Daughter, born 1866 in North Petherton; Eliza Bruford, 1, Daughter, born 1870 in North Petherton.

Supporting the family are 4 staff. Bessy Standfast, 17, Governess, born 1854 from Ruishton; Mary Thomas, 72, Servant, born 1799 from Norton Fitzwarren; Elizabeth Ridge, 14, Servant, born 1857 from North Petherton; and William Trebble, 20, Farm Servant, born 1851, from North Petherton.

On the 1871 census the farm is just listed as ‘Willstock’. In the map below from 1888 the farm is identified as ‘Wheelstock Farm’.

Going back to the 1861 census, both John and Amelia are living in Cheddon Fitzpaine on Amelia’s Father’s farm with their son Samuel.

John and Amelia (nee Southwood) got married on 8th May 1860 at St James, Taunton. John’s father is identified as Samuel Bruford, Farmer (a fitting tribute that John would name his first son after his father). Amelia’s Father is identified as John Martin Southwood, Farmer.

Living at Wilstock Farm in 1861 is the Brewer family. More on this family in the next issue.

Wheelstock Farm (Map c1888)
May 2024