Living at Wilstock Farm for the 1841, 1851 & 1861 census is the Brewer family.

1861—Census: Willstock Farm

  • Samuel Brewer, 52, b1809 Lyng (Somerset) – Farmer of 1450 acres
  • Sarah Brewer, Farmer’s Wife, 50, b1811 in Chedzoy
  • Samuel Brewer, Farmer’s Son, 25, b1836 in Bridgewater (sic)

Staying at the household when the census was taken also were: Sarah Bather, Visitor (Dressmaker), 19, b1852 in Lyng; Eliza Bale, House Servant, 15, b1846 in Bridgewater (sic); Isaac Fackrell, Farm Servant, 14, b1847 in North Petherton

1851—Census: Willstock Farm

  • Samuel Brewer, 42, b1809 in Born Lyng
  • Sarah Brewer, Farmer’s Wife, 40, b1811 in Chedzoy
  • Samuel Brewer, Farmer’s Son, 15, b1836 in Bridgewater (sic)

Staying at the time of the census was Joseph Speed, Servant, 16, b1835 in North Petherton

1846 –  Electoral Register: Number 1162: Samuel Brewer, North Petherton, lands as occupier, Willstock farm.

1841—Census: Willstock Farm

  • Samuel Brewer, Farmer, 30, b1811 in Somerset
  • Sarah Brewer, Farmer’s Wife, 34, b1807 in Somerset
  • Samuel Brewer, Son, 5, b1836 in Somerset

Staying at the household when the census was taken also were: Thomas Perren, 10, b1831; Frances Phillips, 20, b1821; Richard Grosse, 20, b1821; Edward Grosse, 22, b1819; Samuel Miller, 10, b1831; Robert Collard, 15, b1826, Agricultural Labourer; Elizabeth Richards, 11, b1830.

1833 – Marriage Record: Samuel Brewer married Sarah Phillips on 18th November 1833.

1810—Baptism record: As far as I can see there is no Samuel Brewer birth registered in the year 1809 in the area of Lyng or surrounding. There is however a Samuel Brewer baptised on 16th November 1810 in Lyng. “Samuel, son of Samuel (b~1760) and Joan (b1776—d1859, nee Kiddle) Brewer was baptised Nov 16th”.

(Did you know? The ‘Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1874’ didn’t come into effect until 1st Jan 1875 whereby it became the legal responsibility of a parent or the householder where the birth took place to register the birth or penalty of £2. Allowing for inflation this would be approx. £116 today).

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