Wilstock and Stockmoor looked brilliantly lit with decorations all through December.  In addition, many creative people joined in the community activity of an ‘Advent Window’ appearing somewhere on each day from the 1st to the 24th.  A huge thank you to each person that joined in!  Everyday, the photo of the window and the first line of the address appeared in the Facebook page ‘Advent Windows 2020’ and many people enjoyed visiting them.  The page will stay active during January if you want to take a look.

This event was organised by J24 Horizon who usually run our Community Christmas evening in the hall at Somerset Bridge School.  As a group of Christians meeting mid-week (currently via Zoom) in Wilstock and Stockmoor villages for the last 7 years, the next event will be running an online Alpha course starting later in January.  These popular films, and sessions where people can ask questions, has been run in person over the last 4 years, including at the Holiday Inn Express starting last January.  If you want any information, look at the J24 Horizon Facebook page or email j24horizon@yahoo.com.  

Written by Kathryn Morgan